Ekornes Stressless Black Leather Chair Recliner & Ottoman, Made in Norway, Large

Ekornes Stressless Black Leather Chair Recliner& Ottoman,
Large Size, Ring Diameter is about 25.5"-26"
Scandinavian, Made in Norway

PRICETAG: $1,000.00

Antique J.B. Van Sciver Colonial Cane Wood Bench Seat Berkey & Gay New Jersey

Manufacturer/Markings: J.B. Van Sciver Co., Camden, N.J.; Berkey& Gay Furniture, #5123
Approximate Measurements: 24-1/8"L x17-3/4"W x 17-3/4"H
Description: Elegant beautiful caned seat with legs that appear as columns with oval fluted cylinders and spheres. The bottoms of the legs sit on heavy metal brads. The underside has thick blocks that are screwed into the sides of the bench for extra support. Metal plaque from J.B. Van Sciver company and heavy paper furniture tag from Berkey & Gay Furniture company on underside. Number 5123 engraved on left and right underside.

PRICETAG: $220.00